Zero to Sixty on my moped

Published by John Philip Morgan

A motorized bicycle is a vehicle with two or three wheels that has an automatic transmission, a cylinder capacity less than 50c.c., and cannot excede 30mph on a level surface. Vehicles not fitting the definition of a moped are classified as

Moped Registration

Every moped needs to be registered with its stamped identification number. They need to be registered with the State Department of Revenue for a fee of $5.00, and the registration lasts for three years. The decal received upon registration must be placed in a conspicuous place on the frame of the moped. No license plate is required for mopeds.

Moped Licensing Information

Operator's of moped's must possess a valid minor or standard driver's license. Mopeds are allowed to be operated in any bike lanes if the operator has a valid driver's license.